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I know i know im sorry i havent posted in ages but life has been getting in the way! im sorry i will get my shit together soon i swear, just keep sending in request and i will make some :)

also ive realised all my aus are about Y/N being a girl and im assuming you arent all girls or identify as that so if you want an au where its a celeb and a boy (or a girl) tell me that in your request :)

also i cant believe i have over 2,000 followers you guys are amazing!! Thank you all so much!! Love you guys xxx 

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AU: You and Zoe had been friends for a while now and she thought it was about time you met her brother. Joe couldn’t help but fall for you, almost instantly, and the two of you became good friends. Everyone else could tell how Joe felt about you, except you. After a few failed attempts Joe decided he should tell you how he felt.

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Hi Guys

So basically Im back at school and i dont have enough time to make au’s and stuff and im so sorry about that but im on holidays in like 4 weeks so if you want to send in requests so i have a big long list that i can do for you guys :) that would be amazing

(and sorry to those people who have sent in requests from last time, Im going to do them and they will be at the top of my list :) and thank you too for sending them in xxx)

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AU: You and Luke were best friends, almost inseparable during high school. Spending a lot of time together Luke developed feelings for you but never really saw the right opportunity to tell you about his crush. So one day when 5sos are in your city Luke decided to invite you, despite not seeing you for ages, he plans on telling you after the show. But during the concert he is suddenly filled with confidence and asks you to be his girlfriend on the spot, something you wanted to.

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Requested by Anon

Hey my requests are open, I want to post more things but I’m struggling with ideas at the moment, so let me know what you lovely dreamers want :) and i can try to make it 

think i might do something to do with 5sos or maybe 1d idk, HELP ME!

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AU: Dylan is asked about you and your relationship during an interview.

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I know its super wordy, im sorry :/

AU: You go on tour with your 4 best friends, 5 seconds of summer.

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AUYou and Lucas have been best friends since you were kids. Little do you know Lucas is madly in love with you.

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AU: Dating Calum Hood

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